Cessation of treatment

Rav Yuval Cherlow 

Initially published in Israel Hayom Newspaper on 08/06/2021

The British Supreme Court approved the disconnection of the child with a brain injury from a mechanical ventilator, even refusing to accept the parents’ request to transfer her for treatment in the Israel. This determination is classified in Jewish ethics and Israeli law – as murder.

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Chapter 5 – Prolongation of Life Based on the Account of Rabbi Chanina Ben Tradyon

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Chapter 7 – Palliative Care

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Chapter 6 – Removing an Object Preventing Death

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Chapter 4 – Prolongation of Life – At All Costs?

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

An overarching essay divided by topic regarding the treatment of the elderly and the sick in modern day, according to halacha and Jewish sources.

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Cognitive impairment, loss of decision-making capacity, and the inability to communicate together create a complex reality where the patient is unable to express their wishes. However, there are a host of original solutions dedicated to these complicated situations.

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

The goal of palliative care is to provide comfort in situations where a disease is terminal. Does halacha recognize these types of treatments? How much do we factor in the patient’s wishes in these contexts? Is it permissible to administer this treatment when it could shorten the life of the patient? Is there an obligation for man to fight for his life?

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Rabbi Oriel Ganzel, and Rabbi Shaul Bruchi

Does the obligation of preservation of life mandate treatment at any cost? When are we obligated to treat and when is it proper to exercise restraint? A Compendium of Relevant Halachot

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Rabbi Uriel Ganzel, and Rabbi Shaul Bruchi

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