When a family member is at death’s door and you need to make impactful decisions, Tzohar is by your side throughout the process.

When our dearest loved ones are on their deathbed, many halachic and moral questions arise: 

Should we allow CPR?

Is it permissible to cease administering nutrition?

What is the halachic position regarding palliative care or use of painkillers? 

And in general, who has the authority to make decisions regarding continuation of life created in the Image of God?

In this delicate situation and the fine space between the value of sanctity of life and human dignity, we are here to listen, provide firm support, assist and accompany, and provide answers to any questions according to halachic principles and Jewish values.

This service is provided at no cost anywhere in Israel

אתיקה - לפנייה בכתב ניתן למלא את הטופס - אנגלית

Especially in this difficult time,
Do you have a question and wish to consult with us?
We are happy to assist you – call now

At no cost

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