Abstaining from Treatment of ALS and Assisted Euthanasia – Comparing and Contrasting Psak Halacha with Judicial Rulings

Societal Perception In the last four decades, the rate of scientific data collection has increased, and humankind’s knowledge has doubled. One of the most significant realms of this advancement is the field of medicine. Alongside the development of medical technology, creating hi-tech methods of organ donation and less invasive fertility treatments, there have also been […]

Ethical and Halachic Challenges in Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia

This online session was held in collaboration with EMDA (Israel’s Alzheimer’s Assocation) featuring Dr. Dana Peer, a respected gerontologist and occupational therapist alongside Rabbi Yuval Cherlow. The session provided insight into the ethical and halachic challenges in caring for loved ones with dementia.

Chapter 21 | Conclusion


Chapter 21 from the booklet The Halakhot of Treating a Terminally Ill Patient and a Patient Suffering From Dementia