Preparing to Say Goodbye: Personal and Ethical Perspectives on End-of-Live

A Personal, Medical and Ethical Discussion on Confronting End-of-Life Issues

In May of 2022, Prof. Charles Sprung a world-leading expert in intensive care and end-of-life care, lost his wife Rebecca ob”m after a lengthy battle with cancer.

In this special program presented by AACI and Tzohar Through 120, Prof. Sprung will share his experiences with a loved one’s illness and the personal and professional lessons he learned along the way. He will be joined by Rabbi Cherlow, one of Israel’s most respected medical ethicists, to provide the halachic and ethical perspectives on the dilemmas we and our loved ones may face as death approaches.

Part 1:

Always Be Prepared: The Importance of Advance Directives.

Part 2:

Dilemmas with Nutrition at the End-of-Life.

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